homo sapiens


an initiative


galactic genesis

in co operation with
the galactic university

a documentation

of the only way to live

and never dying


.... the science for a future organization ....

what is the meaning of life ?

of course life
what else ?

therefore must
the human life
have a purpose

because the human
being too smart

to himself for his death
for his abolishing
working up

or the death
of his environment
his livelihood
his humanity

so he would die
he will be dead

if he does not
guarantee his future
prescribing to every day

so everything he does must
be understandable
for all

higher life

he can not impress others
and then everyone will

die of boredom
since their existence
would not make any sense

so we need a meaning
in our life

so our fulfillment
so the fulfillment of all
so everything must be prevented
that the fulfillment of all
could preventing

so all these on here
since they abolish themselves
for their death guarantee

having to either
to homo sapiens
to be inspired

or their death addiction
through external control

through the end
of their biology
being guaranteed

to end

should a human existing ....

then he should at least know
what his existence being fore ! ?

or not ?

and if we cosmic reality
grasping scientifically
then we will

have to recognize
that this universe
was created for the
purpose of

humans in it
be able to live


in this world

if we are going on this further on
then we will have to recognize
that this world is not

being created
to destroy it >

making it uninhabitable
that would not make any sense
all this work

a universe from zero energy
created after the other
and then see

making it uninhabitable
so the opposite of
the vision

of creation

so we must recognize
how we manage to live
and our livelihood
not destroy

and that would only be possible
when the fulfillment of all people
would be guaranteed

and not on the run
before a horrible reality
created by this

horrible reality
resulting from the escape
before this reality

therefore all
that making our world uninhabitable
so brag about >

what a success
they are being

an endless catastrophe
so everyone needing to point that
that destroying our world
make it unlivable

being a disaster


it  never can be about
to protect his interest in disasters
but his vital interests

consequently we need
not a single political party
dieing interests to making true

climate tipping interests
flight from reality rights
so dieing rights

but rights to a fulfilling life

so we need a decision making process
having life > the fulfillment of all
as your goal

so we all have to ask >

how can we exist ?
without killing us

but fulfill us !
since then everyone must no longer flee
have to create before the horrible reality
to be able to exist

and not
how can we kill ourselves
so create the escape from reality
so create all these disasters

so we have to ask homo sapiens
not these all successful homo destructus

and these homo sapiens will come and explain
that only if we each > have a solution

that being necessary for our existence
then we can go all with this

argue this
in an argumentation
until we all this solution
recognize as correct
for our life

and therefore must
then acknowledge all these
since they have nothing better
can carry foreward

having anyone

a better idea ?

it was already our genius
Albert Einstein

from the physics of this universe
and he even got the idea

of this cosmic religion
on this world

being all about
the appreciation
of this universe


needing the potential
for creating ...


being the totaly empty nothingness
of an entirely empty space

where then an entity emerging
developing himself

to the perfect wisdom
of arranging this nothingness
to negative energy and positive energy
to becoming matter

and then the plan
that this creation

needing first plants
then animals

to develop any emerging planet
with this primitve life

but then to having homo sapiens
to emerging out of this primitivity
into intelligent biology

becoming this same perfect wisdom
as creation needed to have

meaning creation was just the beginning
of having worlds of wisdom

millions x millions of them

and then needing the wisdom
to being the guardians of all this creation
finding any danger to this success
of creation

and trying to make any stupidity see
that what they are doing

being no life it all

but a competing dying
on this planet dirt

where we are seeing only decay and destruction
and all this slavery for wasting creation
for wasting any start of
any fulfillment


but creation needing
the competing perfect wisdom
to fulfilling ...



this anti all

anti sapiens
since against all wisdom

anti live
since the guaranteed death

anti right state
because against everything right

anti religion
since against creation

anti health
because guaranteed illness

anti future
since the death sentence

of all ...

the formula of life


that any human
achieving his fulfillment
through the freedom
to being a

human being

and that
any hindering
any enslavement
be prevented

any fanning
to this insanity
this suicide

the formula of death

insisting on

that all just seem


in a majority democracy

being only there
for the seizure of power
to continue

to destroying everything

no human rights
no argumentocracy
no future

only the driven force
of insanity

by which
any environment
every human will


meanwhile people
having only victims rights
so they should

as long as possible
be dying

meanwhile being victims
of this power seizure
be the majority

this sham

being the anti real
so perceiving reality differently
as an anti truth

so according to this all
free democratic sham order
so these factual anarchies

where all these crimes against humanity
lead to a total collapse of trust
and everyone just driven on
to save his existence
through just

in his vanity
so being this problem

since such a catastrophe continues to progress
ever obvious the loss of trust of all becoming
so like today in all these freedom
societies of enslavement

so in these sham states
with their sham instances
just total madness
see any sense

being only superficially
because all of these can be any reality
be holding back as long as necessary

and then they all falling all over
since everything is not convincing
what they are thinking and doing

that was the case
with all preceeding empires
so with the sham pharaohs
with the sham of unholy rome

so have now
the united sham of america
lost his conviction and confidence
the education union anyway

but we
the trillion real homo sapiens
on million x million worlds
in this universe

based with a religion
on the cosmic reality itself

and our argumentocracy
where only the real to a decision
used > so predictably correct

we can trust in full since eternity
look into our future in eternity >

but all these on here
yes ... already gone

since a democracy
the perfect remedy for
an enslavement of all

especially when
a freedom of speech
promotimg this

there being only the right
to saying what ever
being real



fully charged up with energy

produced by >
united shames incorporated

programed for >
united shames world wide

to be guarding the vanity
of united shame

meaning ...

all those have
nothing to want

just their liberty
to being stupid
in this age of
being stupid

where all environment
all humanity is being


for nothing it all
but vanity

no wisdom
no success
no future possible

not only nothing



can only be the highest quality
the end of the development
of any human

being in every community
taught in any kindergarten
up to the highest university
the fulfillment of all
to guarantee

in contrast
to this losing ability
which being taught everywhere
in any such a state
making sure

that no one be likely
becoming fulfilled

and why are all these against
any fulfillment ?

only these vanity procurement orgies ?
all this disaster glorifying probaganda ?

because they only maybe
a vanity procurement artist
because they are only losers

because all and
any other losers would be
becoming jealous

having to recognize
that they are only gilded losers


the principle satan

who out of envy
of this success
of creation

has to destroy this creation
so that he will brag about
we are the powerful
losers here

because everyone could see this
so he would be capturing this reality
at all letting come to his mind

but just the escape
exactly of this reality
being the goal

so why

am I writing

this up ?

do I want to push anything
on some one ?

do I want to create a dogma ?
do I want someone ?

be keeping from his fulfillment ?
of being a successful loser ?


 I want nothing at all

everything I write here
everyone can understand  !

as the cosmic reality
being self evident

that these all are a failure
that these all are not even able
their global climate to keep

even denying this fact
or their failure to even recognize
their fault

so what being ?
this cosmic reality ?

of course

to everyone to recognizes this
learning the understanding
and then being this


the only way of life
where every ones fulfillment
being guaranteed

because as soon

as any one denies this reality
being the attempt of a prevention
of this very reality

he having lost
contact to this reality

that everyone can just the fulfillment
of all guarantee

to find his own fulfillment

and any one out of touch
with this reality

being this disability
being a tyrant

meaning all those x xxx millions
must be prevented

otherwise all fulfillment
of all those real trillion homo sapiens
being a million x a million x a million
in this universe

would be prevented

and I do not write that
to achieve anything other

just the fulfillment
of all and every one in this cosmos

and the knowledge of this reality
meaning the cosmic infinite reality
then bringing the fulfillment
to every one

to any single recognizer of this reality

meaning a world without wars
without illness ...

only fulfillment
only endless satisfaction
guaranteed security

the endless competition of all
for this fulfillment
to becoming


straight to the opposite
of a life outside the cosmic reality

here on planet dirt

and not a single fata morgana
with will be bringing
only death to all



a single failure



how do we
realize this condition ?

of cource not
asking the problemes
created by this problem

where by
in every new election
all the politicians

having to make
more insane promises
to be able to come to power
to waste all

all environment

but we have to ask
every citizen

in an

what kind of solution
he will come up with

for all the problems created
by democracy

and then every one other

will have the chance
to improve this proposition

or bringing forth a better one

all in the light of real scientific

till no one can come up
with a better solution

for the good
of all of humanity

for the fulfillment
of creation

the argumentocracy


what about satan ?
and all this problem creation
of democracy ?

what would they then ?
be bragging about ?

we are no longer losers ?


being the key to real success
to the genesis of becoming human in general
because the darwinic only applies
for biological entities

there while a dodo
yes not at all able
bringing a world
to an end

only can
these symbioses
of predatory animals and dodos
so these bragging technology monkeys
that should never exist

since those already now
there self murder assassination fully accomplished
because it has been possible for 10 000 years
no more homo sapiens at all !

and before that it was just a primitive
always on the run

like today too

since there being no adaptation
at all possible

only the idiot artist
can do this

so the ones
which only from an artificiality
can rave about

and never improve a reality
just their vanity

that being why
only those

created idiots products
because no one in their right mind
at such a suicide
will participate

for what ?

only woman
biologically adapted
to adaptation can do this

and all men
being already dead

just more dying every day !

all this having been said
could also be the reason
why darwin his thesis

not previously published

because he knew maybe instinctive
that this does not affect humans at all
may not apply

and this one homo sapiens
therefore only sporadically
appearing on this world

meanwhile he being the only one
in a homo sapiens society
so with our trillion

on a million times a million worlds
in this universe

a real homo sapiens

recognize humans by

that he can cosmic reality
discussing appreciatively
with every one

but of all these idiot women
only their stupidity as the last point
leave their stupidity stand

because they never can
become something else

just stay being an idiot
because an idiot with the other

staying an idiot

so united
to remain a failure
a loser

so finish jesus off
any real homo sapiens

or in symbiosis with predators
rob out their own world
and of success

they talking

that they can not even creation
can get to let be

let alone
to fulfilling creation

just lose everything
being all of their quality

and that is her whole job
from this mass of idiots

despair every person
being so stupid

that they do not even notice
that this being all their quality

only their complete stupidity
so this mass of quantity

hence this madness democracy
also determine

that only the majority of idiots
the rest of this world their stupidity
to pushing on possible

where not a single wisdom
no single solution allowed
only certified stupidity
so this mass of stupid
in their stupidity


their anti quality
being just quantity



if someone
so a state
a judge

speak of an opinion

then no right state can be this
not being a legal authority

because he negates the reality he can grasp
up to a cosmic reality

which can be recognized
that this universe has a meaning
haveing a vision

but these all become
a victim to public opinion
so forced to madness

so the end of all life
and dying all

so democracy
 just talking about opinions
where the one of the most
wrong opinions

because it being not based on reality
as the basis for all decisions
and only reality
be on definition


so right
these all democracies
so camouflaged false states
that create all these problems
because in principle they do not even
can speak right

so the citizen
just becoming a victim of the wrong

a victim of mass insanity
where ... no human rights there either
actionable he freezes in a faint
then because all these

believers in madness
can do more damage every day

preventing the fulfillment of all
more over the fulfillment of the vision
of creation ... impeding

dawning life

infinian life

cosmic life

religian life

invincian life

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the galactic university

the cosmic institute
the institute of cosmic religion
the eternity institute

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